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Personal loans online bad credit -How can I get a personal loan with bad credit

Applying for a personal loan can in many cases be a solution if an unexpected, larger amount of money can upset our lives, our plans, our financial security. We do not always have as much reserve as we need, but in many cases, there is an immediate need to resolve the problem.

The Personal Loan is for free use and can be used for anything. It is important to know that banks consider it to be a higher risk type of loan, since it is only our income that is covered, and that is why they give a higher interest rate than mortgage loans.

However, it is worth considering the fact that the amount of the loan can overcome the financial hurdle and later repay it with a fixed monthly repayment. The extra cost is fragmented into months, and it is a predictable cost, so it does not pose a heavy financial burden on the family cashier.

How can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

When to Use a Personal Loan? Some possible life situations:

  • The fridge, the washing machine, the stove, the boiler, the boiler have gone wrong – there is no time to wait for the money to come up.
  • The top neighbor drenched the apartment and the insurer did not pay immediately, making the apartment uninhabitable.
  • You are about to start a long-awaited course, paying a lump sum with a huge discount.
  • The family has been planning a vacation abroad for a long time and has now found a very good deal, but they don’t have the money for it.
  • In addition to mourning the loss of a loved one, there are funeral expenses – at worst, no spare money.
  • Your child unexpectedly announces his engagement and marks a date close to the wedding.
  • He had to spend money on renovating the doors and windows, but he was increasingly urgent to do so before winter.
  • It has become a sublease and has evolved so that the amount required for the deposit is not available in time, but will have to move soon.
  • Your annual garage rental has expired, you should renew it, but you don’t have that much money in one sum.

… And there can be countless life situations where it is worth borrowing a personal loan at the extra cost. In many cases, the amount of our damage is greater than the interest on the personal loan. Let’s weigh it wisely!

At we have a personal loan with bad credit offer! We hope you found it helpful.

The Bright Save Bank raises interest rates on private loans and is expected to raise them even more

Just before Christmas, the Bright Save Bank raised its policy rate (repo rate). The increase was 0.25 percentage points and means that the policy rate now stands at -0.25%. It is still a historically extremely low interest rate, but the first increase in many years can still have a lot of consequences for borrowers in Sweden. The repo rate is governed by all interest rates in society, including interest rates on private loans, mortgages, interest on savings accounts and more.

Several lenders, both large mortgage companies and smaller niche banks, have already made changes in the pricing of their loans. If you have private loans and / or mortgages you may have already noticed this. We are now at the beginning of a period when the Bright Save Bank will continuously raise its policy rate. The question is what does it have for the direct effect on the loan?


Private loans run at variable interest rates

Private loans run at variable interest rates

What not everyone is aware of is that the interbank loans always run at variable interest rates. This means that the interest rate is not fixed but can be changed continuously. However, there are no major peaks and valleys. It’s not like a very small increase on the part of the Bright Save Bank causes the lenders to add several percentage points to their prices.

An interest rate is always specified for a loan agreement. For a private loan, for example, it may be numbers like 7.25% or 10.95%. This interest rate is the one that was decided when the loan was granted. However, in the terms of the agreement it is always stated that the interest rate can be increased if the borrowing costs for the loan increase. An increase in the repo rate, which in turn affects market interest rates, can give rise to more expensive loans.

All private loans and other loans with floating interest rates become more expensive if the Bright Save Bank raises the interest rate.


When can a lender raise interest rates?

loan interest

Thus, a lender cannot make a change in its rates at any time or in any case. Borrowing costs for the lender are required to increase. If borrowing costs increase, a lender, such as a credit market company active in private loans, has the opportunity to “pass on” this extra cost to customers.

What, then, does borrowing costs mean more accurately? Borrowing costs are all costs that deal with a lender’s deposits. The money that banks and credit market companies lend has in turn been borrowed.

There are two ways to borrow, namely to borrow from other banks and to borrow from depositors (in savings accounts). The majority of lenders combine these two ways. Both types of interest rates that the lender pays are raised if the Bright Save Bank’s repo rate is raised.


Borrowing costs and other costs

Borrowing costs and other costs

Banks and credit market companies also have other costs. In addition, all lenders want to make a profit. A lender must not raise interest rates due to factors such as increased risk, greater administration or a desire for higher profits.

This means that a lender cannot really raise the price of an existing car loan or mortgage in any other case than if the Bright Save Bank has recently decided to raise the policy rate. It provides a kind of predictability for the loan customers.


Interest rate hikes for private loans – example

Interest rate hikes for private loans - example

It is easy to believe that an increase from the Bright Save Bank of, for example, 0.25 percentage points immediately makes all private loans just 0.25 percentage points more expensive. Sure there is a very clear link, but it is not like the interest rates on private loans are slavishly following changes in the policy rate.

What is clear, however, is that the price to borrow always becomes higher after an increase in the repo rate. If it is about, for example, 0.10 or 0.45 percentage points depends entirely on how borrowing costs change.

In January, several credit market companies and banks raised the interest rate on their private loans. Some increased by just one tenth of a percentage point, while others raised the price of existing loans by up to 0.50 percentage points.

Example: You were granted a $ 100,000 loan in August 2018 at an interest rate of 5.85%. Because of the Bright Save Bank’s new repo rate, the lender raised the interest rate by 0.30 percentage points. The new interest rate is thus 6.15% and you are obliged to pay this price until something else is announced.

A lender must notify the borrower of increases in good time before they start to apply.

What then means a few tenths of a percentage point in kronor and the penny? Not really much, provided the loans are not in very large amounts. In the example above, the price of the private loan increases by $ 300 per year if we deduct the interest deduction. For mortgages, the situation can, of course, become much more difficult. A tenth increase means a couple of thousand dollars for every million borrowed.


When is the interest rate raised next time?

When is the interest rate raised next time?

A few days after each so-called monetary policy meeting (when the Bright Save Bank decides on any changes in the policy rate), a monetary policy report is presented. In this, the Bright Save Bank presents the reasons for its decisions together with forecasts for the future.

The latest monetary policy report states that the central bank will proceed very cautiously with interest rate hikes. The so-called interest rate path will be slightly rising in the coming years and according to the forecast, the repo rate will reach 1% sometime late in 2021 or early in 2022. However, the uncertainty interval is large, and the interest rate path is far from fixed.

According to the forecast, the Bright Save Bank aims to make a second increase in the second half of 2019. In that case, this probably means zero interest rates at the end of the year.

If inflation were to increase at a faster rate than the Bright Save Bank has anticipated, however, the interest rate path could become a little steeper. The same applies if the economy continues to develop positively. A negative economic development may instead mean that the central bank will postpone the time for the next increase.

Are you going to travel? Borrow money for the travel budget! – Take out Loan

Summer times are holiday times, this is known long ago. It is this time of year that we finally get to enjoy our holiday days and hopefully manage to gather family or friends and relax in the sun. It is also not uncommon to go abroad during holiday times and we all know for sure that this can cost some money.

Borrowing money to travel is common and very effective – of course, provided you have the resources to pay back. And once you have taken out a loan to travel, it is important not to break the budget and have to borrow more money. Therefore, we have gathered some tips that can be useful if you want to keep a close eye on your budget during the trip.

Set up a budget

Set up a budget

Before you start thinking about destinations and dates, it is important to look over your budget, whether you have saved money or plan to take out a loan. One mistake that most people make when setting a budget is to underestimate costs. A good example of this is food.

Food costs are often more expensive than you think – especially when traveling. Try to set up a realistic budget based on your resources and preferably round up rather than down. This way you have a little margin on your budget which may feel unnecessary at first but nice towards the end as it often goes out even more and you do not have to pull over your budget.

Many people easily forget about the economic aspects of their destination before leaving. By investigating the destination in question, you can quickly read up on what is cheap and what is expensive. Then you can avoid any “shocks” to the wallet.

Withdraw cash and exchange money in advance


If you plan to go abroad on holiday, it is always good to have the cash in cash, if you have a really good track of your things. Using your card is completely possible in many parts of the world, but it is all about a security issue. For example, if you shop for food, souvenirs or similar in smaller stores, it may be risky to use your card even if the opportunity exists. As a rule, it is recommended that you only use your card in larger and competent stores abroad. Therefore, withdraw cash / exchange money before leaving.

Review your mobile subscription

When you come home from your trip it is easy to think that all expenses are accounted for and clear. However, it is not uncommon for an unpleasant cell phone bill to come as a literal letter on the mail. It is probably not unknown that the prices for calls and surf are higher when you go abroad – however it is not uncommon to forget this. Depending on where to go and what type of accommodation you choose, WiFi is not always a matter of course and it is easy to rely on 3G networks. Contact your operator in advance and make sure you have information on what prices apply.

Make a list of possible activities and purchases


Another thing you can do to keep track of, as well as plan your expenses, is to review what you want to do and buy. Maybe you and your travel company are real adventurers who like adventures, or it is shopping that is on the schedule. Regardless of which, it may be good to investigate any services and experiences in advance. By doing this, you can plan your budget and find any discounts and reduced prices.

Credit House has joined the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment

Good Finance successfully passed the verification of activities in the area of ​​hiring new employees and thus was admitted to the group of members of the Friendly Recruitment Coalition.

Promoting good practices and applying the highest standards in recruitment are the main goals of the Coalition for Granted Recruitment.

Joining the Coalition

Involves with the implementation by the company of Of the Code of Good Practice in Recruitment, which sets out the directions of conduct in the process of employing employees. The presence in the ranks of the organization confirms that the company approaches employing new employees fairly, with attention to all details and ethical standards.

Therefore, the Coalition logotype is a proof for candidates that the company communicates with potential employees in an appropriate way, is open to contact with the candidate, clearly formulates job offers by placing specific information about the position and expectations, as well as ensures confidentiality and data security of candidates.

The recruitment process

Is extremely important for the company and the employee. At E-Money Credit House, we assume that recruitment does not have to be stressful. Looking for a job is in itself a nervous and often tedious undertaking. That is why we decided that in our company hiring new people will be efficient and comfortable for potential employees.

For years, we have been applying a policy of recruitment transparency and security, which we have decided to emphasize by joining the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment, because in our opinion the use of good practices in the employment process is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

At the same time

It positively affects the perception of the company by potential employees, and also helps in the process of acquiring the best employees – explains Paweł Skurski, HR Director, Good Finance

Good Finance is gradually expanding its team. The company currently employs over 600 employees and associates. The company has already been appreciated many times for its personnel policy, which is confirmed by numerous awards, including 1st place in the 7th edition of the Best Employer 2012 Research (BNP) prepared by AON Hewitt.

Solve your financial problems with personal loans.

Start the year on the right foot.

Start the year on the right foot.

That was one of the main purposes of 2016 for the vast majority of Spaniards, who waited, until a few days ago, the arrival of the new year with enthusiasm, with great desire, with dreams to fulfill and with many goals to achieve.

Everyone wants to start the year with joy. Start it, with enthusiasm. Start it, with personal loans ! And as it has already begun, let’s get the batteries!

Yes Yes. Because let’s not forget that one of the most important problems that Spaniards suffer is none other than the one that affects their economy. There are still large numbers of unemployed citizens.

There are still thousands of families in extreme financial situations. There are still many who have not been able to meet some last-minute expense. But, for all of them, we offer solutions in Binaryloan.

Yes, our team starts the year strongly. We want your 2016 to start well, that you go into it with optimistic thoughts and that you look to the near future thinking about how well you will be doing this year.

We want to help you achieve almost any challenge that you propose and that has to do with your pocket. We want to provide you with the amount of money you need, at the time you need it, so you can carry out that purpose you had set for yourself.

Mini-credits for business

Mini-credits for business

If you plan to start a business in 2016, you know that in Binaryloan we not only have mini-credits. We also have personal loans and you can apply for up to twelve thousand USD. We will give you all kinds of facilities: we do not care about the amount of personal loans that you have pending, we do not need you to put your home as collateral (which is a great advantage!) And, in addition, we give you up to five years of term so that Give it back to us.

And if you didn’t think about it, but the bug is biting you, you can also contact us and ask us about the solutions you need. Only then can we offer you different financial solutions.

Loan for working abroad

Loans are denominated loans

Loans are denominated loans

For over twelve years, the Swissed has almost doubled in relation to the bank. Every Borrower who takes a loan in a foreign currency should be aware of the great risk associated with this financial product. Unfortunately, many borrowers are not aware that this risk is very high. Very often loans in francs were taken by people who could not afford a USD loan .

Importantly, the Swissed loan is a bank loan that is only related to the Swissed currency. This currency was only intended to refer to a more preferential reference rate, which was Nibore at that time.

The franc loans are divided into two groups, the first of which is an indexed loan, in which the loan agreement includes the loan amount expressed in USD. Each installment is repaid at the rate of the Swissed . The second group of loans are denominated loans, which are much rarer in Poland than indexed loans. This loan differs from an indexed loan in that it is expressed in the Swissed currency from the beginning. However, the amount paid and repaid to the borrower in USD. It is not disputed today that both of these loans have a number of legal flaws.

What possibilities do franchise holders have?

What possibilities do franchise holders have?

More and more franchisees are deciding to take legal action regarding a loan taken out in Swissed . These matters are increasing in quantities all over Poland. Borrowers who decide on such a solution can count on the annulment of the loan agreement, the conversion of the contract or the return of unduly collected returns and commissions.

The most important thing you can gain is certainly freeing yourself from the loan obligation and the risk of a rise in the price of a foreign currency.

It is therefore worth getting the courage to go to a financial expert and later to a lawyer specializing in this field. We advise you not to be discouraged by the bank’s position, as it will always be against contract cancellation. First we will be obliged to submit a complaint. The answer to this complaint will usually always be negative. Banks effectively discourage many borrowers from continuing. In our opinion, it is worth considering seriously the decision to go to court.

As can be seen from the example of thousands of franchisees , in many situations a foreign currency loan is kind of like playing on the stock exchange. Probably every borrower, if he was aware of this risk would not opt ​​for such a loan. Each decision regarding taking a loan for people working abroad is worth analyzing with a credit expert.

Tax-free interest and deposit guarantee

This site is mainly about loans. Here you can compare private loans and other types of loans and credits from secure Swedish lenders and credit institutions, and we also present good advice and tips on how to think both before and after you have submitted a loan application and received your loan. At the same time, loans are only part of the private economy and every now and then we present interesting news and tips on savings, investments and insurance. In this blog post we will give a tip on how you can easily get the maximum savings rate with a deposit guarantee of an unlimited amount.


The tax account – an unused resource

tax loan

All Swedes have a tax account. It is from this account that income tax, property tax and similar taxes and fees are deducted. The account is also a liquidity account for surplus tax, that is, money that the state must repay.

What not many people know is that the Swedish Tax Agency pays interest on outstanding funds in the tax account and this interest rate is actually very competitive. In nominal terms, the interest rate is 0.5625% (correct as of February 22, 2016) and this is a figure that far exceeds what both major banks and most niche banks can offer. However, there is also an extra bonus with the interest paid by the state. It is tax-free and if we add to this advantage the current interest rate will actually be around 0.80% on an annual basis.

How was the deposit guarantee? The Swedish Tax Agency is not a bank and thus cannot be connected to the state deposit guarantee. At the same time, there are probably only microscopic risks that the Swedish Tax Agency would not be able to pay out outstanding funds, which means that there is a de facto deposit guarantee and that it should in principle be unlimited.


Easy to insert and remove

Easy to insert and remove

It is very easy to both deposit and withdraw money from the tax account. You make deposits in the same way as when you pay residual tax. You will find all the information you need (account number, OCR number, and more) if you log into your account on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website. Then you just make a regular payment in your internet bank. When you want to withdraw money, you request payment from your account at the Swedish Tax Agency. You can easily log in with e-identification.

How do you take a non-bank loan without leaving your home?

The report prepared in 2017 by the Central Statistical Office shows that Poles are increasingly more and more willing to use non-bank loans granted via the Internet. Many facts speak for the fact that this is one of the most convenient forms of obtaining additional cash. How do you take a non-bank loan without leaving your home?


Start by verifying your business

business loan

The first and most important step is of course choosing an entity that is credible. The registers that we will check are available online. So you can do it without leaving your home. It is worth starting with the Register of Loan Institutions kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The register is available on the Commission website. Where else can you do that? In the electronic database of the National Court Register – the actual existence of the entity is confirmed by the KRS number assigned to it. The next source is the Register of Loan Companies kept by the Association of Loan Companies (ZFP). The list of ZFP members, which is already a reliable source of information, can be checked on this institution’s website.


Compare offers, read the contract

Compare offers, read the contract

The next step is to analyze and select the best offer. It is also a fairly simple matter if we use online comparison websites of non-bank entities.

If you have already chosen a loan company whose services you want to use, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the contract in advance, which should be made visible on its website.


Submit an application online

Submit an application online

What are the next steps? All of them should be clearly described on the company’s website. First, complete the online registration form and provide the necessary details. Then we will be asked to confirm your identity. This process also takes place online.


Online identity confirmation

Online identity confirmation

Verifying the borrower’s identity is a very important part of the loan process. Thanks to it, the company makes sure that the customer is indeed the person he claims to be. This also excludes fraud or extortion. The most commonly used tools are verification transfer or the Kontomatik application. The whole process is online again.


Cash on your account

Cash on your account

If the above steps were successful, just wait for the decision to grant the loan and transfer the cash to the indicated account. How long will we have to wait for money? In most cases, it’s actually a matter of 15 minutes. It is worth noting that having a bank account in the same bank as the lender maximizes the process. Its length also depends on how efficiently we will work.

What should you do if your bank does not handle?

Specifically, there are banks and financial institutions that send customers without a hesitation who want to apply for a home loan with another credit institution besides Family Home Discount. That is to say, pick up your support wherever your credit is.
Despite the statutory requirement, banks believe that their own internal regulations may override the law and, based on their risk assessment, may decide otherwise than required by law.

What is the reason that this statutory principle does not work in practice?


The Family Home Discount was issued on 256/2011. (XII. 6.) .
However, the fact that this cooperation between banks does not become reality may be due to the following reasons:
Both the home loan and the Family Home Discount can be disbursed according to the bank’s regulations if the client has used all other sources (self-sufficiency) other than those provided by the bank.

Thus, for example, if a customer applies for a home loan at Bank A and Family Home Discount at Bank B, then the two banks may be tempted to disburse sooner after using their own resources.

Because banks are paying off their Family Home Discount or home loan last in order to reduce their risk, according to their own rules, this is almost impossible to do due to the waiting time of the two different banks.

What are the benefits of having both Family Home Discount and home loan from the same bank?


Banks dealing with Family Home Discount disbursements may charge 1.5% of the grant, up to a maximum of 30,000 HUF, in addition to the cost of ownership, valuation, and on-the-spot inspection. However, if the client requires a home loan from the same bank, the Family Home Discount review will be free of charge.

What are the disadvantages if different banks are unable to cooperate?


This can seriously affect the client’s wallet, as if the most favorable home loan offer is provided by a bank without a Family Home Discount, the client will have to choose another bank in order to take advantage of the support. As a result, you may also be forced to take advantage of a less favorable home loan, which in the long run will result in higher costs, thus pulling more money out of your pocket. In fact, you can slowly pay interest on the money you have won with Family Home Discount support.

Fill out the form below to find out how much support you can get.

Tax campaign – Borrowing with extended maturity at Messaging Loans

Has the car broken down but the tax refund will not come in until later? When the money presses before the tax refund, it can be good with some extra time to pay back a loan. With Message Loans, you can now take out a loan with an extra long repayment period through their Tax campaign.

Message Loans offer an extended time to repay at no extra cost. If you borrow 2000 – 6500 USD with a repayment period on a payment, you get up to 70 days to pay. You do not have to repay the amount until May 27th.


Tax campaign with extended repayment period

Tax campaign with extended repayment period

When you encounter unexpected expenses before the tax refund arrives, the Tax Promotion from Message Loans can be a good solution. You can easily apply to borrow 2000 – 6500 USD. If you choose to repay the loan in a payment, you will receive an extended repayment period until 27 May 2019.

It is completely free of charge and no extra costs are added for the longer term. All loans that meet the conditions automatically receive the longer repayment period. As a result, the earlier you borrow, the longer you have to pay back.

You can apply for a loan with Message loan until 2019-04-08 to join the campaign.


What amounts can I borrow with Tax Campaign?

What amounts can I borrow with Tax Campaign?

In order to get the longer repayment period, your loan needs to meet some simple requirements. You can borrow from $ 2000 up to and including $ 6500. You also need to choose to repay the loan in a payment. If you are granted the loan, you will receive the money immediately but the invoice will have a due date on May 27, 2019. On the website, the promotional loan was marked with an orange box.

Before you borrow, we recommend that you review your financial situation so that you are guaranteed to be able to repay the loan on time. In case of delayed payments, high delays are added. Therefore, it is important that you pay off the loan on time.

Example :

Lisa is hit by an unexpected expense. Her tooth breaks just before pay with an expensive bill at the dentist as a result. Lisa sees the Tax Campaign at Message Loans where she can get extended repayment time at no extra cost. She is therefore applying for a loan of $ 4000 on March 25, 2019 so that she can pay the dentist.

Since Lisa has the same bank as Message Loan and got her application approved during their opening hours, she gets the money 15 minutes after she signed the loan. The invoice for the loan comes to Lisa’s home. It will have a due date on May 27, 2019 and she will have to pay $ 4553.


Summary of Tax campaign

Summary of Tax campaign

Message Loans offers a Tax Promotion where you can get extra time to repay the loan if the loan meets certain criteria.

  • The size of the loan should be from $ 2000 up to $ 6500
  • The refund must be made on a payment
  • The loan needs to be granted before 2019-04-08

If these simple things are met, you will receive a loan with a maturity until 2019-05-27 at no extra cost.

Apply at Message Loans here